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RONALDO E. QUIDEP is the managing director and CEO of Travlink Employment Consulting and Travel Ltd, which caters to travel services, staffing and employment needs, a certified travel agent and also a licensed employment company that extends aid in the staffing of local employers, as well as employment seekers in and outside Canada. He is laudable in the academic accomplishments that inspire him to launch his own reputable company. In April 2000, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Economics, Taxation and Management at Ligao Community College, Philippines.

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We offer the following services that will serve your needs.

Dreaming of great adventure in breathtaking places in Canada? Or thinking of starting a new job for a better future or starting your life over on a new horizon? Visa application is now hassle-free with TRAVLINK!

Travlink is your ultimate solution for any of your Visa applications. Whether you are planning for a solo adventure, a business trip, a family vacation, pursuing higher education abroad, or even starting a new job, Travlink has got you covered for we are a one-stop shop for all your travel and visa needs.

Travlink helps you process your needed visa application: Tourist Visa, Study Visa, Employment Visa, or even Spouse Visa. We offer expert assistance for all your Visa application needs. Our trained and expert team will help you on your journey from start to finish. We make sure that your application is accurate, complete and would maximize your chances of getting approval. Travlink helps the applicant to streamline their application, offer a range of visa options and keep their private information and data safe throughout the application process.

Make your dream travel preparation seamless with us. Start embarking on your journey today. Apply for your visa now!

For more information on visas, you may also visit cic.gc.ca you may email us at info@travlinkvisas.com

Make your dreams happen now with Travlink!

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Going back and forth and experiencing all the grunt work involved in dealing with the legalization of your documents in Canada? Get your documents legalized in the shortest time possible with Travlink!

We understand that time is precious for everyone, especially if you need to manage your time at work and with your family, which makes it difficult for you to manage your time to get your documents legalized. Let Travlink ease this problem. Starting from the careful preparation of your documents or files to legalization, Travlink is your trusted partner for these matters.

Travlink provides a one-stop legalization service and gets your documents like Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Diplomas, Copies of Passports or even Transcripts legalized or apostilled. Dealing with the legalization of your documents could be tedious so we have an expert team to get your documents legalized properly and sent it back to you promptly. Our trusted and trained experts will make the legalization process easier and faster. We provide a free and personalized consultation for you to be able to understand the process and complete the required documents. We can help you with your documents not to be rejected because with Travlink, it is done professionally.

You may email us at info@travlinkvisas.com to know how we can help with your documents legalization or visit any Travlink’s offices for inquiries and consultation.

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Don’t make your amazing experiences wait any longer. Make it to your dream destination now with Travlink!

Travlink helps you discover the world and indulge yourself with the diverse culture and thrilling adventures in any of the dream destinations you choose. With the professional assistance of the company’s expert team, Travlink helps connect you to myriad destinations and has a vast network of options for every wanderer. Peace out with complicated booking processes because Travlink would help you process your travel documents, secure your flight schedules, and get you to your best destination with no worries. Travlink provides choices based on the client’s preferred date of travel, comparing prices, and even reserving seats!

Our highly efficient expert team would assist you at every step and make your booking reservation smooth and easy. Travlink is committed to making every wanderer’s dream possible by providing exclusive deals and seasonal offers to make your flight booking affordable and worry-free.

Why choose Travlink?

Travlink provides travel guides, tips, good recommendations, and flexible options that suit the clients’ needs. Travlink has a vast network and connections to reputed airlines, making your solo adventure, family trip, or even business trip stress-free.

Already excited for your dream escapade? So go out and have new experiences, and let Travlink make your booking reservation seamless. Visit us or email us at info@travlinkvisas.com

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Thinking of traveling abroad, but afraid of the daunting processes that you may encounter during your passport application? Put your fears to rest because Travlink will be your reliable and trusted partner for your passport application journey!

From the requisite documents to filing, Travlink will help you along the way. Our dedicated team provides guides and tips for the documents, streamlines your application that you need to submit, and schedules an appointment at the nearest location to make your passport application seamless and easy!

Travlink helps make your dreams and the dreams you have for your family come true. Whether you are planning to visit, work, or study abroad, with the passport application and tips given by Travlink’s team, you are one step closer to making your dream a reality. You may now look forward to exploring new opportunities and experiences with the peace of mind that our company brings.

Still worried? You may contact our team at this email address, or you may visit any of Travlink’s offices and partner companies conveniently located nearest to your place. Let Travlink be your trusted companion on your passport application journey.

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                   Are you tired of settling for less? Are you dreaming of setting your career on an exhilarating trajectory? Are you ready for a life upgrade? Bid farewell to the limitation you have with your current career and say hello to the Great White North, Canada. Canada provides endless opportunities where dreams and ambitions know no bounds and where your skills are greatly rewarded and valued. Canada has a thriving market and industries that is waiting to be seized by talented and hardworking people like you! Experience top-notch healthcare, world-class education and an environment that could help you grow professionally and efficiently in your chosen career. Let your dream job in Canada become a bridge to embracing positive change and success. TRAVLINK provides second-to-none assistance to help you get numerous pathways for your employment and ensure you get a better job in Canada! Our expert team will navigate you through the employment process and assist you in finding jobs that match your qualifications, and even giving you an option for a greener pasture. We offer job placement assistance to ensure that you get the best-fit jobs and also to empower you in your Canadian employment journey. Let your career be elevated in Canada. Don’t wait for this life-changing opportunity to slip away. Start your career with Travlink. Visit us at the nearest offices in your area or email us at info@travlinkvisas.com Read More
Want to live in picturesque places and experience the enthralling beaches of Nova Scotia? How about exploring the outdoor adventures that Alberta offers? Are you ready to settle in the family-friendly neighbourhood in Canada’s largest city, Ontario? Pack up as Travlink brings you to amazing locations where you and your family can settle in Canada. Moving to another country is a giant leap, especially for someone or a family that has lived in their native land for decades. With the different needs, cost of living, and diverse cultures, some of us could be afraid of these life-changing choices. However, starting over in a new place could be life-altering in a positive way not just for us but for the whole family as well. Canada provides a great opportunity for skilled workers to prosper and learn the culture by themselves. They are given the opportunity to get the best of what they have worked for, enjoy the privileges provided by their employers, and explore the beauty of the world-class destination in Canada. This opportunity comes along with the chance for their families to experience it together and settle in Canada for good. This way, Canada provides opportunities for you to grow in your career and draws your family closer together to make Canada your home. With Travlink, we provide assistance by streamlining your applications and profiles for permanent residency eligibility. We can help you in completing and reviewing your qualifications with profile scores and provides additional services to help you secure a job that could give you and your family the right to legally live in Canada. Travlink provides personalized consultation throughout the immigration process. Share your dreams together with your family! Let Travlink helps you settle in. Inquire at the nearest Travlink offices in your area email us at info@travlinkvisas.com Read More
Are you supporting loved ones back home or having international business transactions? Travlink makes sending money easy with its reliable remittance services. Travlink provides a secure and fast remittance solution for everyone. When transferring funds across borders, Travlink ensures remittance processes are secure with no hidden charges and fees. Travlink offers swift transfers at globally competitive rates to make sure that your money will reach its destination safely. Whether you need to support your family, pay bills overseas, or do business transactions anywhere and anytime, Travlink has made it simple just for you. Say no to traditional banking, long processing times and high service fees. Experience convenience and peace of mind with our trusted and efficient remittance solutions. Make the possibilities you dream for you and your family come true with Travlink. We make every remittance solution work for your needs. Swift and secured remittance transactions are our commitment. Visit Travlink’s nearest office in your location for more remittance information or email us at info@travlinkvisas.com Travlink makes it possible for you because we work for you! Read More
Have you ever wondered about experiencing what the Northern Lights look like in person? You can now explore Canada with peace of mind with Travlink! You can roam freely anywhere from the rocky mountains and turquoise lakes of Alberta to any popular landscapes and tourist destinations in Canada with no worries as Travlink provides insurance that will protect you to the risk that you may encounter while traveling. Travlink insurance covers your medical emergencies in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Travlink ensures that you are provided with top-notch care in cases of emergencies. Do not limit your amazing experiences yet to be had by worrying about the risk. Explore, and enhance your Canadian experiences with its scenic places, astonishing ocean vistas and historic islands. Go wild with other wanderers and outdoor enthusiasts by experiencing world-class skiing and mountain biking in British Columbia. With Travlinks’ Insurance, you can explore world-class museums, entertainment and shopping at Toronto, Ontario and be enthralled by its iconic CN Tower without fear and worry. Travlink is your trusted travel and insurance companion for a safe, secure, and unforgettable travel experience. Why worry about risk? Travel safely with Travlink! For more information, visit Travlink’s nearest office or email us at info@travlinkvisas.com for inquiries. Read More
Experience the freedom of convenience of managing your bills on the go with Travlink, which allows you to pay your bills anytime, anywhere. With its intuitive features, you can process your payments and track your payments history. Embrace a stress-free approach to bill payments and enjoy a more organized and efficient financial life. Travlink is the all-in-one solution for easy and reliable bill payment. Whether it’s your car payment, water bill, the electric bill, or insurance payment, Travlink has got you covered! Say goodbye to the hassle of standing and long lines to get your bills paid. With Travlink, you can effortlessly manage all your payments in one place, saving your time and energy! Travlink has a secure and reliable platform that ensures your payment transactions are processed promptly and safely. Travlink consolidates all your bills in a single and convenient payment system and platform. With the things that you have to do in your job and with your family,let Travlink ease your problems with your bill payments. Take control of your finances and bills and stay on top of your bill effortlessly with Travlink! Read More
Looking for capital to expand your business, invest in new equipment or even bridge cash flow gaps? Make no worries with Travlink’s Micro Finance offers! Our flexible loan options are designed to suit your unique business needs, with competitive interest rates and a hassle-free application process. All Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are welcome to join! With our tailored loan options, Travlink provides financial assistance to secure your business success and ventures; and security to ensure that your finances to your chosen or even existing business are a great success. Travlink aims to help you grow and flourish your business. Our microfinance loans will help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey or boost your existing business venture with the perfect microfinance solution designed only for you! Travlink’s goal is to empower every business owner to thrive with the loan services applicable to their business needs. We have a quick and straightforward application process to ensure that you receive the financial support you need without unnecessary red tape. Unlock your business potential and start now with Travlink. We care for you and your success. For inquiries visit any nearest Travlink offices or email us at (email). Travlink empowers dreams one loan at a time. Join our community of thriving entrepreneurs today! Let your success start with Travlink! #TravlinkMicroFinanceLoans #SmallBusinessGrowth #TravlinkCaresforyourSuccess Agriculture Insurance
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Employer Support

Indeed we stay true to our mission of providing a hassle-free and all-in-one service from airport pickup, groceries,


Recruitment processes start with trust and credibility. Travlink is proud to share its licenses to recruit foreign workers for


Job opportunities like these need much preparation and guidance. Travlink goes all out and beyond to ensure that employees


Indeed we stay true to our mission of providing a hassle-free and all-in-one service from airport pickup, groceries,


Give an update to employers with the status of the job application and request documents if there is an additional

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Help the employer to pick up the workers from the airport down to the employment location.